Examining The Incredible Natural Beauty of Chanel LaCroix

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Examining The Incredible Natural Beauty of Chanel LaCroix

Chanel is a popular social media personality from Nigeria.

To say that Shore Thang is an international model management company is obvious. We count among our talent beauties from the US, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, and South America.

Chanel LaCroix, from Nigeria, is our first model exclusively from the African continent (Ellie The Empress is African-American and Heaven is half-South African on her dad’s side).

Nigeria is her home country and Chanel is the most physically impressive model we have yet had the pleasure of working with. Chanel is delightfully ambitious and would like to one day be the most popular Shore Thang model across social media.

Chanel worked hard on her Instagram and TikTok, which she grew organically on her own (just like her completely impressive chest). Chanel first signed with Shore Thang in April 2023, but generally works at her own pace. After three months collaborating on exclusive content, she took a break and this month, Chanel is back!

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Chanel LaCroix is a spectacular social media personality from Nigeria

One of the reason Shore Thang prefers working with first-time talent is so we can teach them content our way. Very often, in a world driven by the insatiable appetite of OnlyFans, new-to-the-business talent will immediately reveal everything, in line with the direct feedback from male customers.

In the exclusive content world, revealing everything leaves talent with little room to grow their social media — which we teach our talent should exist as the marketing arm to support paid content.

In addition to treating our talent with respect — an expecting ethical treatment in return — we also insist that Shore Thang models decide their own comfort level.

Chanel is unique, in that she was born in Nigeria, but fits the culture we maintain at Shore Thang. Although she has a dominant Capricorn personality, Chanel is kind, silly, and devastatingly beautiful.

Chanel LaCroix is a world-class beauty, who is most popular on Instagram

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