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Allison is an actress from the American South. She and I first met in 2016 while I was working on Lazy Sunday, the first photobook. She has beautiful eyes and jaw-dropping curves. If memory serves, we made photos together four of five times in the last few years.

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Alison Frances Boyd

Allison Frances Boyd is a talented Southern actress working in Los Angeles, CA, who played the character, Karen in 2013's spine-chilling supernatural thriller, Oculus. The movie follows two damaged siblings as they witness their parents' descent into madness and murder. Years later, these now adults reunite to finally expose what has haunted them for so long: Lasser Glass - an old mirror once owned by their family which had been passed down from generation after generation. 

Allison has traveled worldwide; she has featured in lots of movies such as Kickin' It (2011) and The Bold and the Brightest (2012), to name but a few. She is an amazing actress who has collaborated with the likes of Garry Sullivan and Dan Stagliano to showcase her talent and create an unforgettable movie experience for all viewers amongst other prominent actors and actresses in the industry.

After years in Hollywood as an actress, Allison never tires out entertaining people with great acting performances that have won her widespread recognition among critics. Allison is a very talented cat video enthusiast and motivational writer, but don't let that distract you from her acting career.

With the ability to convey emotions in both her acting and writing, Allison is a true multi-talent who has proven herself adept at penning insightful articles about various aspects of life and how it can positively impact the people around her. Her inspirational writing and acting abilities have served as an excellent motivator for those around her, which has helped make life more enjoyable. She is definitely a great motivator and enthusiast.

With over 1500 followers on Instagram, the talented actress has never been afraid of being open with her audience. She tells stories about herself to inspire, educate, motivate, or encourage them in their own lives. Her quotes on Instagram often say that humans should live the best way they know-how, even if it is different from others around us, who may have a goal we do not share. Through all this, she stresses one thing; "co-existing."

Allison Boyd’s zodiac sign is Leo. According to astrologers, this means she has the natural qualities of a leader - dramatic and creative with self-confidence that cannot be matched. She will give her all in any area of life where she commits herself and may even reach new heights if given support by those around her.

Allison Boyd's father is late, and she can't help but be thankful for the time they've spent together in his time of need; it was a great comfort to her. This Southern woman has a progressive mind and never stops speaking up for humanity.

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