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Mati Marroni is a Shore Thang discovery (and a living legend in her own right)

Mati Marroni @matiimarronii and I first met in Texas when she was 17. We only shot a few photos of her wearing DollsKill, which were later published on Cali Stoner Girls.  Of all the talent Shore Thang has worked with, Mati is one of the most popular and like a lot of our talent, is the envy of all other girls with her huge natural boobs.

Mati had a 600k strong instagram and notorious reputation all before turning 18. Mati is a legend, simply put. I kinda think Mati will also go on to do more exciting things with her life because she likes to travel and is generally very bright.

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About Mati Marroni | @matiimarroni | matildem

When talking about social media, a lot comes to mind. It has transformed how people communicate and interact, the forms of entertainment, and all that. If anything, social media has influenced the entire future world, including businesses and the list is endless. Because there is so much to talk about when describing social media, I will narrow it down to the context of modeling, content creation, and the world of influencers.

My person of interest in this talk is Mati Marroni, another critical figure in the social media influencer landscape.

Who Is Mati Marroni?

Marroni experienced an exciting path to fame. The half-Uruguayan and Armenian stunner grew up in Houston, Texas, and have come to the limelight as an influencer, model, and live streamer.

What makes her more captivating to the world of social media, specifically Instagram, twitch, and TikTok, is her stunning beauty and super human curves she does not shy away from showing.

Her road to fame began when she was just  16 years old when her friend recorded an 8-second video of her eating a burger at Whataburger. What is more captivating about the video is how it displayed her playfulness, humor, and, most importantly, curvy body. This video went fully viral and opened many doors for her.

In various interviews, Marroni admitted that she did not know that a simple video of her having fun with no intent of attracting attention of that magnitude would transform her life. After that, she was exposed and met many people who would expose her to different sides of life. She did travel all over the globe, and soon enough, she was fully immersed in the world of stardom. Even so, she has never held back from describing and being open to how the experience has been to her, and it is nothing short of shocking.

Mati Marroni and her social media orbit

Well, you see, Mati Marroni has significantly worked her way up to the position of a model; she has received numerous brand endorsement deals, done a few sponsorships here and there, and, to a great extent, been at the forefront of representing and advocating for women. If anything, her stardom has put her in a place where she both rises financially and is an advocate for change. All these have been made possible by social media. Even for her, it is unimaginable that a concise clip recorded in a very simple state would open her path to all that. I don't know much about modeling, but if anything, fifteen years back, that was a highly elitist and exclusive thing. I mean, even as fashion enthusiasts, the only chance we will get to see or know who these high-end models were waiting for in those monthly or periodical magazines is. Accessing those runway shows was something so elitist an ordinary fashion enthusiast would not even know where and when they were held. The gap between the consumers and the modeling event was so huge that not so many people were that interested. But that is not all; for people who aspired to find their way into modeling, it was harder than it was for an ordinary person to find their way onto the runway. Only the elites and people in high-profile cities and areas would get the opportunities, and that was that. A thing for the elites from the elites.

But with social media, even the raw talents from the remotest areas have equal opportunities and access to the bigger audience that can find their content worthy of their time. Social media have broken all the traditional laws behind models and removed the monopoly effect. Today, anybody who aspires to be a model can be, and they have the utmost control over how they do it and the niche they build on. I love the part where traditional laws and barriers have been removed. Even the audience or consumers have a say on how they want their preferred models to be. The best part is that we no longer have to wait months for periodical magazines to see our favorite modes, but we can actually interact and have two-way communication with them. It seems like everyone wins, right? The days of New York City socialites reigning are over!

Looking back at Mati Marroni, she was only 16 when the world recognized her; she did not have to sign up with any agency or abide by any form of exploitation that the traditional model had to undergo before taking ages to rise to stardom. Marroni has built her niche, something unique to her personality. She has a heavy followership on Instagram and Twitch. Her Instagram account @matiimarronii has amassed more than half a million followers with just 19 posts.

Her TikTok account mati_marroni has amassed over fifty thousand followers. The content on both platforms is by all means all about her personal life, own generated, and ultimate control. Sure enough, her fans like it that way, and that is how she has gained relevance. The truth about self-identity and authenticity is what makes her particularly adorable.

Mati Marroni and Cyberbullying

When Mati Marroni gained a fast ascent to stardom and online popularity, not everyone took it lightly. In several interviews and in her posts, she has declared that she has met a lot of backlashes. Marroni admits that there is nobody she knows of who has been subjected to cyberbullying as she has. She has faced so much toxicity from various social media platforms, with a good number being part of her followers. Her bullies were majorly concerned with her gaining so much popularity in a short time. This is not something new on social media platforms. I can say it is something that comes from the level of anonymity most social media platform provide their users. This means anyone can use any profile. That is not all; despite some social media sites making reasonable efforts to censor or enforce guidelines that ensure positive interactions, major sites like Instagram and TikTok have not been immune to this pandemic. I find the dilemma for influencers and public figures like Marroni to lie in the fact that, on the one hand, high-profile platforms like Instagram and TikTok open them up to a wide audience but then leave them no control over the type of audience to interact with. Marroni is not the only celebrity victim of cyberbullying. The trend has been here for nearly as long as the internet has existed. Not even the biggest and most influential celebrities are immune to it. People like Melanie Griffith have been victims of countless hateful tweets regarding her physical appearance. Cheryl Cole has been a victim of body shaming and judgmental comments about her appearance. In extreme cases like that, Elliot Page was badly harassed by a fan who went to the extreme of threatening to kill her. The same cyberbullying drove Ciara to take an extra step. In her open letter, she stated how much courage people have when they are anonymous. This is true as much of the hatred hauled at public figures is not grounded on anything reasonable. It is like people are always in competition to see who would say the nastiest comment. The list of celebrities who have been victims of cyberbullying is endless, and a notable trend is that female celebrities are usually the target of this shrewd behavior.

As for Mati Marroni, she has had her share of experience. Before 2020, she used to brush it off and thought that with time, it would go off. But during the pandemic, the cyberbullying targeted at her got out of hand, and soon enough, it started taking a toll on her mental health. In the interviews, Marroni admitted that this new lousy side of fame and social media was difficult to deal with, but with time, she adapted to taking a positive attitude and mindset. She has tried her best to remain encouraged. Something quite sensible she held on to is that cyberbullies never know their victims past what they see through social media, and for that, the little they know should not get anyone down.

Mati Marroni and all those Fake Social Media Accounts

You read it right: identity theft! Still, on how much anonymity social media platforms allow their users, anyone can create a profile of anyone and impersonate them. Shortly after Mati Marroni gained fame, her new challenge was dealing with so many fake accounts created in her name. At one point, she stated in an interview that one of the fake accounts was amassing close to 2 million followers. Imagine having the fake version of you get more recognition than the actual you. That issue affected their mental health, and she was forced to take legal action. The fake accounts, or catfish accounts as they are known, were actively using her identity to exploit her fans and even pull strings with other celebrities. In fact, at one point, Marroni was crowned the most catfished influencer on social media. This is because while it is a common occurrence for celebrities and public figures to have parody accounts created in their name, none surpasses the 1 million followers. One memorable instance is when one of the fake accounts would host live sessions using recorded videos and solicit interaction with Mati's major acquaintances.

The identity theft has cost Mati Marroni in so many ways as she has, on many occasions, run into trouble proving her authenticity on social media platforms. Her real Instagram account, where she is the most active, has been disabled on many occasions with her content removed despite no signs of guidelines violations. This went on and on for so long that, at one point, Marroni was on the verge of quitting social media altogether. It was a competition between her and the fake accounts. These impersonators were a threat as they could damage her reputation with their large influence. At that point, even hiring a legal attorney to deal with such catfish accounts did not prove to be much help. She was left to watch the impersonates use her photos and her identity for their own gain. The extreme period was during the pandemic when she was forced to watch how these accounts were using her profile for malicious reasons. By the time the world opened up to the public, Marroni would occasionally run into people who asked her if the monstrous account belonged to her. 4 years down the line, she seemed to have beaten it and was faring even better than before. She overgrew the exploitation she was subjected to.

In the wider context, catfishing on social media has been a common thing, but it peaked during the pandemic. At this time, most people were looking indoors with nothing much to do. Most resorted to finding ways to connect with others. Catfishing is more common on dating sites as people would use a profile of a highly adored social figure to glean money from their victims. It is much easier to form relationships when the victims believe that they are being contacted by one of the celebrities, and some would not hesitate to give in to requests. From a psychological standpoint, in most cases, the fake accounts are not about making money. Many reasons have been found to explain why people create fake profiles in the name of influencers. At the top of the list is loneliness. People who feel lonely and want to make friends they can talk to find it easier using a profile of a very popular public figure. Another reason has been cited to be dissatisfaction with self-appearance and low self-esteem. For this they would resort to using fake identities. Others have cited it as a reason to exploit their sexuality. A good case in point is a woman using Marroni's profile to reach out to her female fans and initiate romantic relationships. The list is endless, but one thing is for certain: whichever the excuse, they are doing the worst to the victims of catfishing.

We Have the Bad and The Good, How Has Marroni Managed to Beat All That?

There was one point where Marroni was accused of being one-dimensional, and sooner or later, she would lose relevance. This came out from the cyber bullies who aimed at killing her spirit. In response, Marroni revealed that there is more to her than people see. First, she has made her ambition to empower women. She also enjoys psychedelics and traveling.

This ambition comes majorly from her experience as a woman navigating the state of publicity and having to handle so much backlash. Being new to the influencer status, she has made up her mind to start her own business that would see to it that women are treated differently in the world. Her personal experience has made her believe that women have very limited freedom to explore themselves and live in a manner that expresses their liberty. She acknowledges that hers was a windfall of luck and opportunity to be where she is, obviously without downplaying her hard work. Marroni points out that throughout the world, a lot of women try to work even twice as hard but have not come across opportunities. From this, she plans to make a difference by using her resources to help women get the same opportunities she got. Her take on empowerment is that she has been privileged enough to pursue what she loves doing and even gain a platform. Despite the challenges she has faced, she promises to work on cultivating a positive change.

The Personal Life of Mati Marroni

Despite being such a huge social media sensation, Mati Marroni has worked so hard to keep her personal life private. This is a wise move as the more she reveals about herself on social media, the more she will put a target on her head on her closest people. Very little is known about her family her relationship status. By all means, it is better to keep everything that way, as it has never come in the way of making great content and staying relevant to her audience.

Final Word About Matt Marroni

From a simple video of eating a burger in her natural state straight to fame, Mati Marroni is one of the success stories of how social media has opened up opportunities for many people to explore their passion, get a platform, and even rise to stardom. Even then, her stories have been with hiccups, showing how ugly sides like cyberbullying and catfishing are unavoidable in these spaces. Marroni has kept her spirit alive, fighting all these challenges and remaining true to herself. She has not stopped at that as she is extending her position of advantage to help out those who could be struggling to access opportunities. She has put her mind to advocating for positive change rather than investing in fighting off all the negativities thrown her way.

Mati Marroni Has Leaks

Mati Marroni is quickly becoming a legend in the modeling world. Her fans love her for her bold and erotic style. In less than a year and only a handful of posts, Mati has an outstanding fan base of 600K followers. She regularly interacts with them to keep herself on their radar. Mati is among the few famous models who recognize the social aspect of social media.

Most of her fans are stunned by her bodacious figure and natural assets. She knows how sexy she is, and she openly accepts it. Her erotic photographs and videos have inspired many fans to open their very own accounts to share them. She is constantly approached for adult web series and sensual photography shoots due to her erogenous body.

Mati loves to show off her curves in low-cut tops and bikinis. She even wears cute bikini tops with fur and animals while displaying her assets plentifully. But Mati is not just about her sensuality and erotica. She has also published articles to inspire and motivate people to become a successful entrepreneur in this day and age. Mati shares her experiences and advice with the masses because she believes using her fame and platform to help people is a better use of her time.

Mati shared her story about how her family originates from Uruguay, but due to lack of sufficient opportunities, her father moved their family to Texas. As a serial entrepreneur, he taught Mati the ropes from a very early age. She developed an entrepreneur mindset and quickly transferred that into capitalizing on social media.

Mati’s first video was a candid hilarity that her friend had shared, which quickly became viral. Realizing the tremendous opportunity, she capitalized on the situation to become a globe-trotting model and businesswoman. Even though she displays her bountiful assets quite proudly, she has earned the respect of her fans.

Mati is a smart and sassy lady with great ideas and a will for expression. Follow her on Instagram to check out her modeling shots or google her to read her interviews and stories where she shares about her life to inspire others. Mati has an incredible energy that keeps fans coming back for more.

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