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Colleen Sheehan // Spicy TikToks
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Colleen Sheehan is the one that got away.

Colleen and Shore Thang founder Zachary Elliot began talking in 2020, just before Zach lost a bunch of instagram accounts to the German cyber stalker (who shall remain nameless).

Colleen has huge natural boobs, like a lot of other Shore Thang models, but signed with another company to do exclusive content. Colleen has been spotted on vacation in Turks and Caicos, sporting an incredibly distressed black two-piece bikini in Providenciales. She's also been spotted in Miami, Florida with Lola Dubrul, another influencer.

Colleen has rumored to be connected to NFL star CJ Stroud. She has also been spotted court side at NBA basketball games in the 2022-2023 NBA season.

Colleen's content is widely leaked in online forums, Discord, Telegram, Reddit, and basically anywhere else content is posted.

Shore Thang is not affiliated with Colleen directly, but frequently re-posts her tiktoks on Spicy TicTaks instagram account.

Since turning 18, Colleen's instagram account has grown significantly and as of May 2023 more than 200k followers on instagram.

Colleen has been spotted in photos in Calabasas, California with west coast influencer Xanthe Schaub (who contributed content to Shore Thang's Quarantine Selfies in 2020).

Colleen has a Irish background, is from Massachusetts, and is frequently spotted out going to nightclubs, restaurants, and other interesting locations in Boston and New York City. Colleen's father passed away recently, leaving her to strike out into the world and go to university on the east coast.

Colleen has always been very active on TikTok and has various accounts. Cocospam, Colleen333, and a few other variations of those names are all active on the mobile-only, all video platform.

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