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Christina Lucci – Behind The Scenes 2005 – 90 High Res Pics

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Christina Lucci is an erotic model with an exciting story. Born and raised in Tampa, Florida, as Christina Hopkins, she became a well-known model for her busty figure. From a very early age, Christina knew she had an extremely busty figure which made her desirable. She capitalized on the situation and started her career when she began sharing her shots on her website. Soon, she was modeling for t-shirt companies with iconic slogans and logos that accentuated her bountiful bust.

Christina had a big break when she decided to audition for mega rap-artist Eminem. She arrived at the audition conservatively dressed in jeans and a shirt that prominently showed her assets. Out of 40 bold and sexy women, she was chosen to be one of the 4 models in the music video "Ass like that". Christina found that dancing made her feel quite exhilarated, which launched her fame. She loved twerking, and the erotic dance moves in the video with the megastar.

Christina soon became famous for her penchant for dancing around wearing almost nothing. Although her social media presence is quite limited, she has amassed quite a dedicated fan following her on Instagram and Facebook. Christina is mostly spotted posing in provocative or erotic clothing that fits her busty frame. Her sweet face adds to her charm as she mesmerizes her fans.

Christina is very dedicated to her modeling career, and she works hard to maintain her figure. Her big break with Eminem brought her immense fame and exclusive modeling offers.  Her busty body makes her very desirable, especially for erotic photography and videos, and she later changed her name from Christina Hopkins to Christina Lucci. Christina explores her sensuality and erotica freely as she poses for the camera.

Her sensual dance moves, coupled with her overly magnificent figure, make her an ideal model for advertisements of various products such as t-shirts, lingerie, bras, etc. Check out her Instagram and Facebook accounts for sensual and erotic pictures of Christina. Also, don't forget to check out the music video of 'Ass like that' by Eminem for her flexible dance moves that shot her to fame.

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