Alyssa Wallen is a model and actress

Alyssa is a fine-featured, curvy, ginger beauty with a slightly nasty side.

Alyssa Wallen and I also met while I was working on Lazy Sunday. I think she responded to a casting notice. I remember Alex, my Montreal ex, lavishing attention over Alyssa's pic while she was editing Lazy Sunday. Alyssa is a committed vegan and very bright. The pics below were originally contributed to Quarantine Selfies, which will eventually be made into a book. She also has videos up on Spicy TicTaks.

Alyssa – Sparkly Pasties – 71 High-Res Pics

[VIDEO] Alyssa – Black Two-Piece Undies w/ Front Wedgie – 1 min clip

Alyssa Wallen – Private Selfies Set 002 – 58 Personal iPhone Pics

Alyssa – Over The Line – 46 High-Res Hand Bra, Implied Personal Pics

Alyssa Wallen – Private Selfies Set 001 – 58 Personal iPhone Pics

youtube video play
Alyssa Wallen - Try-on Haul

Alyssa Wallen from Quarantine Selfies and Spicy TicTaks

Alyssa Wallen is a model, traveler, and activist with a growing following of over 12k on instagram. She engages with her audience through social media and YouTube, sharing her inspiring journeys and promoting a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Alyssa is passionate about fashion, especially thrifting, and regularly shares affordable vintage finds with her followers. She also advocates for sustainable fashion, educating her fans on eco-friendly shopping practices.

Her commitment to a vegan lifestyle is another core belief, which she promotes along with environmental conservation. Alyssa often posts images of nature and animal welfare on her social media.

Follow Alyssa as she travels from Amsterdam to Costa Rica, offering travel tips and showcasing beautiful destinations. She also works for UT Communications, where she combines her strong work ethic with her environmental values.

Alyssa Wallen's posts reflect her dedication to modeling, health, and balance, motivating her followers to lead balanced lives. Her content covers a lifestyle that includes thrifting tips, vegan living, and stunning photography, making her as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

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