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Caitlyn Sway and Shore Thang founder Zachary Elliot first met on Model Mayhem during the beginning of the Cali Stoner Girls era (late 2018). Caitlyn is an East Coaster who looks like a younger, more attractive version of Lana Del Rey. She's also mostly Portuguese, so no funny business. Caitlyn and Zach were close for the last few months of 2018 and created lots of beautiful content together.

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Caitlyn Sway

Caitlyn Rose also known as Caitlyn Sway is a model from LA and one of the youngest and most gorgeous models with impressive natural curves.

Caitlyn sway has already appeared in many magazines, such as Posing Model for Sasser Stills Boudoir | LA, APR 2021, Denim Model for S3xy Couture LA Wholesale | LA, MAR 2021, Model (recurring) on The Pie Zone | LA, MAR 2021 – Present among others. One of the main reasons for her success is her perfect body, which she maintains to stay relevant in the modeling world.

Caitlyn Sway loves to have fun wherever she goes and will always be the life of the party. In addition, she has no problem posing topless or nude around photographers if it is necessary for job or entertainment purposes.

Caitlyn has been an independent model for over 10 years. She is a natural, curvy woman with plenty of experience in modeling, photography, digital marketing, and writing. Her expressions range from pouts to glares to big smiles that light up her eyes like there's no tomorrow. Caitlyn also founded SWAYMAG- which features interviews, photoshoots, lifestyle content on sexual health management; managing emotions, fostering intimacy through nourishing relationships!

Alluring, sexy, and always fabulous! Meet the gorgeous LA model who's using her body to explore fashion in new ways. Caitlyn Is an independent model with an athletic body type who combine both artsy poses as well aggressive looks into one shoot depending on what you’re looking for:)

With over 30k Instagram followers and being a professional model and digital provocateur, Caitlyn has made her name as one of the more beautiful fashion models on social media. Her success landed her an opportunity to produce, direct, write & star in a crowdfunded nude try-on show that she'll upload exclusively onto Patreon. The career lady specializes in modeling for lingerie or swimwear but also does nude modeling if requested!

Caitlyn actively pushes the boundaries of what's considered acceptable. She does this through her nude fashion try-on show on Patreon! For the past years, she has been following her passion and creating content on every topic that excites her. Now with over 30 thousand followers across various social media platforms and from different cultures and backgrounds, it is clear to see why this lady loves what she does so much!

Caitlyn Sway is a social media sensation who has made her name known in the world of lingerie, swimwear, and nude modeling. Her photography style can be followed through Instagram and other social media platforms to see incredible photos from around the globe by this very desirable talent!

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