Getting to Know Hannah Pruitt Lovely and Charming and Definitely From Texas

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Getting to Know Hannah Pruitt Lovely and Charming and Definitely From Texas

Hannah Pruitt joined the model management company Shore Thang, as a model, in the middle of 2020.

Hannah Pruitt modeling for Shore Thang in Venice Beach, California

Hannah Pruitt was only 17 years old when she started modeling, but the quickness with which both she and her mom signed Hannah’s agreement, showed that she was part of an interesting trend.

When talent agonizes over the choice to sign an agreement, it indicates a difficult attitude and remaining closed off to new experiences in a way that’s often limiting.

All four of the top models at Shore Thang all signed contracts very quickly.

Impulsiveness in business is very often indicative of being open-minded toward new experiences and the beginning of an exciting new adventure.

2020 was a banner year for sure thing, and Hannah joined at a time when, although she was the fifth most popular model toward the end of 2020, she still became very popular, and made good money.

When Hannah Pruitt started working with Shore Thang in June 2020, she had around 2,000 Instagram followers. When Hannah completed her contract in May 2021, she had over 60,000 Instagram followers.

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Hannah Pruitt modeling for Shore Thang in Miami, Florida

Hannah is originally from Texas, and what she might lack in the boob department, she makes up for with an amazing butt and arguably the best hips of any model ever to work with Shore Thang.

Hannah has an adorable face and a look that seems to be to constantly enjoy having tanned skin. Fresh forever!

Hannah also does an remarkable job making content, both on her own and working with Zachary Elliot the owner of Shore Thang , as a photographer.

Hannah worked with Shore Thang for almost exactly one year, made decent money, and showed herself to be an honest, trustworthy, and exceptionally beautiful member of the Shore Thang squad.

Hannah has returned a few times to make new content for Quarantine Selfies. Sure thing Was lucky to work with her, and she was lucky to learn at a time when the company was growing how to handle social media attention, and how to make exceptional exclusive content.

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