What’s It Like: Working With Ellie The Empress @_ellietheempress_

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What’s It Like: Working With Ellie The Empress @_ellietheempress_
Ellie The EmpressEllie The Empress is the most physically beautiful model yet signed with Shore Thang. She's tall, intelligent, curvy, and seemingly never ages.
Ellie The Empress and I began talking during the summer of 2020 and by October 2020, we launched EllieTheEmpress.com exclusive content website. Ellie The Empress also created several try-on hauls for the Shore Thang YouTube channel.
The first two times I shot photos with Ellie The Empress were both in Florida. The content turned out great.
The first time was at the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando, which is near Disney World, and incidentally, the same place where comedian, Bob Saget died tragically shortly thereafter.
Ellie The Empress, stunned everyone in the place, as we shot inside the hotel room, on the balcony, and all around the pool area, and the spectacular grounds of the Ritz-Carlton Orlando.
The second time we shot together was at an Airbnb house in Central Florida, with Niki Peacock, a.k.a. President Niki.
 The outdoor location and humidity that Florida is known for or a little problematic.
That being said, Ellie The Empress was polite and professional, and we created excellent contact together. Florida is not my favorite state in the union and frequent trips to work with President Niki didn't really change that opinion.
That said, making friends wherever Shore Thang needs to remains top priority.
Unfortunately, a competitor named Nick McCandless aggressively recruited Ellie The Empress away from Shore Thang, and some of my sarcastic remarks, and generally off-color personality, we’re not well received by Ellie The Empress.
We later entered into a mutually satisfactory agreement to part ways, and to this day I am proud of the content that we created.

Ellie The Empress Social Media @_ellietheempress_

Ellie The Empress continues to grow on social media, and I am grateful that the first time she ever worked on professional exclusive contact with with Shore Thang.
 Although some of the relationships we have with famous beauties can be rocky, I pride myself on being able to make new friends everywhere, and to make lovely content with the beautiful people.
Ellie The Empress remains absolutely beautiful and I’m confident she will continue to be successful on social media and beyond.
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