What’s It Like Working With Lauren Burch @laurenxburch

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What’s It Like Working With Lauren Burch @laurenxburch
When I first began working with Julia and Lauren Burch in Summer 2019, I was closer with Julia because we helped get her Instagram account back from being disabled before she and her twin sister first came to Los Angeles.
Julia was very grateful for that effort. So much of our wonderful influencers' identities are wrapped up in their Instagram accounts.

Lauren Burch age 18 in August 2019

However, after a handful of trips between, August 2019 and November 2019, to Los Angeles, it became clear that Lauren had a unique style that she basically pieced together in her head before building a large TikTok audience around it.
The term e-girl near the end of 2019 was relatively new. Also, Tiktok at the end of 2019 had not taken the hold that it has now in global, social media culture.
I remember taking fun photos with Lauren in late 2019 and it was quite clear that even though none of our other talent seem to rock the look, Lauren had a unique vision of how she wanted to style herself. @laurenxburch
Both of the Burch twins are committed vegans, were homeschooled, and are dedicated to their social media success. Pretty much they stay glued to their phones all day.
It may seem hard to believe now, but in 2019, Julia was much more popular than Lauren, despite the similarity in their respective looks.
However, Lauren worked very hard to find an audience for her e-girl look and within a year, Lauren begin to outshine Julia both on TikTok and on Instagram.
Loren, also appreciated my extremely outgoing personality, and was happy enough to have a couple of beers with me after we were done shooting together when I would go out and see my friends at Umami Burger.
It’s hard to describe how different social life was pre-pandemic, but I used to go to Umami Burger on a regular basis and kind of new everyone in the place. I recall Lauren telling me I was the Mayor of Umami Burger.
Looking back now, it was Lauren‘s kindness, her sense of style, and her willingness to rock a look that no one else really understood which helped her shine on social media.
Lauren also continued working with Shore Thang for a longer time than Julia, well into 2020. March 2020, was the last time that Julia and Lauren traveled together to Los Angeles to create content.
In the business of unique and popular girls, it’s rare to find somebody who is beautiful, popular nice and successful . Lauren  Burch is all of these things, and it is my great pleasure to consider her a friend and to watch her grow and be more successful in the handful of years since 2020.
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