Recent Updates with exceptionally beautiful model/actress Alysha Grace Marko | @alyshagrace

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Recent Updates with exceptionally beautiful model/actress Alysha Grace Marko | @alyshagrace

Model and actress Alysha Grace Marko has been featured in Barstool Sports, in the beginning of her career. She appeared in the profile “Wake Up With Alysha Grace Marko”. Her Sicilian and Ukraine heritage was highlighted in the feature. Alysha Grace is model that is profiled with Model Mayhem.

She appears on Model Mayhem as a featured model. Her measurements are 36-25-37, standing at five foot ten inches tall. Alysha has hazel eyes and brown hair with an olive complexion. She models in art, dance, fashion, fit modeling, fitness, glamour, hair/makeup, lingerie, lifestyle, sports, pinup, promotional, parts modeling and swimwear genres. Alysha Grace Marko has appeared in the action video game “Black Snail Bounty,” as per her IMDB profile. She also played Linda in the short film “Till Human Voices Wake US” and based on the writing of T.S. Eliot. Alysha Grace Marko appeared as Alysha Grace, in the short action film “Tiramisu.”

model actress Alysha Grace Marko during a studio shoot in Venice BeachAlysha, as a model from the Los Angeles Modeling agency, has been featured on their YouTube channel introducing Shore Thang’s newest exclusive content platform. Alysha Grace highlights that is a platform for both creators and customers alike.

She introduces the new platform as “getting ten times the amount of content,” than other platforms.

On, customers get much more content and original content creators get a “safe space,” where they can also interact with their followers and even collect tips. Alysha Grace highlights as a “safe space” that is “R-rated” and “soft core.” Alysha also appears on her YouTube channel AlyshaGrace as she engages in her love of music. She films segments where she approaches people in New York’s Time Square and asks them about their favorite music and introduces her YouTube channel. Another segment on Alysha Grace’s YouTube is titled “The Messy Chef with Alysha Grace, where she demonstrates how to make “Raw Wraps” from raw ingredients such as greens and grains. She includes the original recipe in the video with step by step cooking instructions.

Alysha Grace’s content is always original and engaging. She models in an original video entitled Sequence 01 3, filmed by Fahad Ayyad, which she showcases on her YouTube channel. She also models the Cenia New York fall 2023 collection for Macy’s in an exclusive fashion video, produced by Klickpicks, on her original YouTube channel. She also shares various clips from her swimsuit modeling photoshoots and commercials that she has appeared in, such as I Stubble Team Game Face, which showcases her range as a model and actress.

Alysha Grace Marko on Instagram

Alysha Grace Marko currently models for a look book shot for the Fernando Valencia Blow Bar Manta hair salon in Brooklyn, New York, from her newest Instagram post. The photo shoot features glamour and black and white photography. Alysha Grace, a versatile model, is the embodiment of old Hollywood glamour in the look book photos that she poses for. Alysha shares a video of a behind the scenes look that went styling the look book photo shoot. Alysha also confides about her childhood surgery, to remove a tumor that led to her wearing a full body cast in school. The surgery left her with big scars on her torso and back. She shares that despite her scars, she has modeled lingerie and body shots, as well as swimsuits and that she never allowed them to impede her career as a model.  Alysha Grace showcases the scars in a photo shoot by photographer Jamiya Wilson of Jamiya Wilson Studio, making her an inspiring model of body positivity.

Alysha Grace never let her scars hold her back as a model and she embraces them. Alysha models lingerie in photoshoots by photographers, such as Scott Storm Images in the ‘Morning Glory’ series and is featured by many other photographers. As a former fitness instructor, Alysha Grace is a proponent of wellness, gratitude and fitness. Her instagram link in bio contains a link to her funkfitfood, that features her appreciation of fine food. The funkfitfood instagram highlights “Conscious. Extraordinary. Eating.”, featuring original content. Funkfitfood showcases gourmet food from New York City and from Alysha’s travels, around the globe.

She also shares her recipes for healthy food that supports wellness, in her original curated content. There are also videos of her step by step cooking instructions as she makes the burgers, the creamiest of tuna salads and chicken and cauliflower gnocchi, as well as organic chicken soup, with easy to follow along instructions and recipes. She also shares a detailed cooking video on how to make catfish and cabbage, which she recommends for breakfast, lunch or dinner as an easy and healthy recipe that can be whipped up in the kitchen in no time. As part of her healthy lifestyle, Alysha also posts her fitness routine and the healthy food that supports it. Her funkfitfood instagram posts inspire creative and healthy eating as well as being a proponent of wellness practices. Alysha Grace is always mindful and grateful as she posts the hashtag #grateful.

Alysha Grace Marko, an artist, actress, photographer and model, features a makeup tutorial in an engaging new instagram post. She takes her artistry to a new level by using her painting skills on herself, with her face as a canvas.

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Alysha Grace Marko @alyshagraceAlysha Grace creates a beautiful new makeup look with a step by step makeup tutorial. She gives a step by step brow makeup routine with a specific techniques, while showcasing her own painting’s brush stroke techniques, in a creative new post. Some of the hashtags for this makeup tutorial, as detailed on her alyshagrace instagram are #brow tutorial, #nyc gallery, #alyshagracemarko #browartist #makeup and #fineartpainting. In many of her instagram posts, Alysha models clothing and accessories as well as home design goods that are embossed with the original art from her gallery.

One post in particular, shows Alysha Grace Marko modeling a T shirt dress from her Gallery shop which is designed with her original artwork. The link in post, on her instagram are of her fine art online shop. The instagram posts have a link to her shop, where the items can be purchased. Alysha Grace Marko is also a talented model, who is very versatile. In an Instagram post titled “Looking like a Caravaggio,” Alysha literally looks like a real life Caravaggio painting, modeling as a subject of fine art photography, with the hashtag #truebeauty edit. Alysha also showcases her time as an artist in residence in Italy.

She posts her Materialrima art residence program studio time, from Italy. Alysha Grace posts extensively from Cuba, where many of the artists that her Gallery features, are from. Alysha’s AMRM Gallery showcases new contemporary artists.

Furthermore, Alysha features a look at her creative process as an artist. She shares a video of herself sketching the beginnings of a new oil painting. Her modeling pictures also showcase her scars, that she sustained from childhood surgery. She prominently showcases her scars as they are not edited out, being a model of body positivity. Her naturally curvy figure has earned her the nickname of “Fcup.” Alysha Grace, who is also a former fitness trainer, also embraces wellness and a healthy lifestyle. She practices mindfulness and gratitude in all that she does. Many of the artists featured in AMRM NYC art gallery, are from Cuba. Artists such as Renalio Marin, whose art is featured in the AMR Gallery. The instagram of the AMRM gallery, also showcases posts of Renalio Marin creating his original artwork along with the gallery’s other artists.

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