Canadian Social Media Darling Lauren Burch Does It All

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Canadian Social Media Darling Lauren Burch Does It All

Lauren Burch is smart, beautiful, stylish, and a committed vegan

Lauren Burch in West Los AngelesLauren Burch content creator, gamer, model and practitioner of holistic wellness, beauty and fitness.

Canadian model and digital creator Lauren Burch, vlogs about the original looks and characters that she creates. From the gamer fantasy E girl that Lauren brings to life in her online personas, to the anime character that she models and cosplays, her followers are always made to feel a part of her creations.

Lauren Burch is an advocate of living a healthy lifestyle.

Moreover, she incorporates the health and wellness that she advocates for and is a practitioner of, by living a holistic lifestyle. The unique makeup looks that go into the creation of Lauren’s characters are shared with her followers in the form of detailed makeup tutorials. Lauren displays the use of Revlon Color Stay Makeup and eyeshadow palettes , for the characters that she creates for her live streams. Watch as Lauren transforms into the characters that she creates. Go behind the scenes with Lauren as she creates her characters and takes on their persona. Lauren Burch certainly exemplifies the E girl aesthetic. She is the quintessential it girl. The E girl makeup tutorial contains tips on achieving her ‘Blade Runner’ type graphic eye makeup that is part of her iconic look.

Lauren Burch keeps serving up looks and next up is the trendy, of the moment, coquette makeup style that she interprets in her own E girl meets anime original character aesthetic. Lauren also offers tips on how she achieves her flawless skin as she shares her current skincare favorite: Body Shop youth drops serum and her healthy lifestyle.

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Furthermore, Lauren demonstrates her step by step skincare routine as she shares it with her followers on YouTube. Lauren Burch boasts 8.5 million followers on TikTok where she makes dance TikToks and displays her intrepid dance moves. Lauren integrates her anime girl look with her dance moves on TikTok which she sets to anime music. Lauren is a talented multifaceted creator that has gained many followers across her social media. Lauren is well represented along all of the social media outlets. You can follow her on X for news about all of her recent endeavors as well as links to her YouTube content and hear about when her next Twitch stream will be live. Lauren Burch’s star is rising.

Lauren Burch is a thought leader, tastemaker, and fashion guru

Lauren as dons ultra feminine lingerie from another try-on haul. Lauren tries on the most delicate of pieces from her new try-on haul. From the thinnest straps of the delicate slips that fall from her shoulders and camisoles in the sheerest of fabrics, to thongs and briefs, Lauren Burch models a range of new lingerie.

Her petite yet curvy figure is showcased in beautiful embroidered undergarments and diaphanous lace baby dolls and slips. Each of the lingerie sets that Lauren models, integrate the E girl and anime girl personas, that she embodies. The characters that she creates are realized in the innocent yet flirty lingerie that she models. From the coy coquette in girly pink teddies to cyber E girl in sexy yet edgy camisole and thong lingerie sets, Lauren Burch completes her character arc.

Lauren’s anime girl avatar is realized in the cherry blossom and blush pink intimate apparel that she models.

The barely there silk and lace undergarments in pale blue and sheer white, are fit for a princess’s bridal trousseau. The silk and satin unmentionables that Lauren tries on from her lingerie haul to the delight of her subscribers and followers, are expertly styled with Lauren’s styling tips. Lauren svelte yet buxom figure is exhibited by the lacy lingerie, beautifully. Her fits are fire as Lauren appears as innocent and fragile as a porcelain doll, as well as a seductive vixen.

Lauren Burch X posts update her followers on her latest anime and E girl looks. From Sailor Moon inspired hairstyles and anime styled wigs and pink hair,  Lauren is transformed into her character. Her TikTok’s also feature her dancing as anime characters with bunny ears and cyber girl headpieces, that further embody her character. Join Lauren for gaming live on Twitch, as she streams in dressed in full anime character mode. From E girl to cyber punk and cosplaying as an anime girl. Oftentimes, Lauren is joined by her equally gorgeous twin Julia Burch.

The delicate flourishes of the embroidered lace of Lauren’s lingerie frame her fragile, delicate beauty and grace her voluptuous figure. Lauren Burch’s headline on TikTok is that she is currently watching anime. Her byline is definitely true, as it serves as an inspiration for the anime characters that she realizes. Lauren Burch’s adaptation of anime characters is so realistic and relatable. Follow Lauren Burch for more amazing content.

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